7 signs that you are under spiritual attack

I heard this today from a young man and I thought that it was awesome. “7 signs to detect if you are under a spiritual attack:”

1. Seemingly “bad luck”: Exact moments happen. Ie,. When you finally get there, something closes down, etc.
2. People staring at you for no reason.
3. People are out of character. Always questioning you about stuff. Animals act strange around you. There are energies around you that you cannot see. Off-kilter remarks toward you. You shine! You outdo them and they know it! (Others.)
4. You act out of character yourself sometimes without knowing why. You have snide remarks and unusual sarcasm.
5. Ringing in your ears. Feels like someone is in the room with you or you see shadows in your peripheral vision. You’re not crazy.
6. Learning secrets that you are not supposed to know. An entity doesn’t want you to ‘graduate’. You stir up be-hives my friend! Of course you’ll get bit but who cares? Keep on keepin’ on! Get stronger.
7. Start teaching people what you know. Watch what happens. Trolls will come out from under the bridge to attempt to stop you or make you ‘shy’ away from your calling. They’ll intimidate you and say that you are not who you say that you are because they can’t do what you do. (*Selah) They don’t think that you are worthy of your ranking in life. You will get odd messages online from people (trolls) with cats and dogs as their pictures. Just to aggravate you. You have to always be on your guard. You have a “big mouth” and tell the truth and people are trying to stop your ministry. As Tupac’s mother said, (deceased rapper), he had a “big mouth”. Also, Apostle Paul, Katt Williams the comedian who refused to give in to homosexuality and was practically ousted from entertainment.
Just like the Apostle Paul, “Everywhere you go, Hell breaks loose.” It’s not you my friend. You are A-Okay.

God bless,

Rev Essie
Keep on Truckin’!
Keep it rollin’!


About Rev. Esther R. Scott

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2 Responses to 7 signs that you are under spiritual attack

  1. This is very true. Very good.
    I have been under attack for a while at my previous place of worship… I get it now ….


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