Been “going through?”

Been going through?

It is a well accepted truth that man isn’t given more than he can bear. This is why we should not judge or look down on one with many hardships. Geniuses, Saints, Apostles, Warriors, Prayer Warriors, Philosophers, Prophets and Great Leaders are often born under adverse conditions and pass through a life of intense feeling, sorrow or hardship. Some of us could never do what they were called to do. “Much given, much is required.”

This could explain your life. Smile and know that you are going through BECAUSE you are strong. This too shall pass.


About Rev. Esther R. Scott

Rev. Esther R. Scott - The Gold Lady @RevEssie You will find a VARIATION of info on my page as I wear quite a few hats. I am an Affiliate of Karatbars International Gold Company, Stuggart, Germany http://www.GoldLadyLLC.Com 
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